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We are a group of local residents who represent the collective in response to the proposed Issa Foundation cemetery plans. 

Our objective is to save our greenbelt.

We aim to raise £10,000 to pay for the professionals required to have the strongest chance of stopping the application when it arises.  We will also help residents write their letters of objection to ensure they meet planning criteria.

Click on the GoFundMe icon to add your contribution or go to one of the 15 places in Oswaldtwistle that have collection boxes. 


The new plans claim to have reduced in size, HOWEVER, it is still a huge 47 acres, taking over half of the Greenbelt. The buildings remain the same and the carpark is still the full length of the development.


Will retrospective permission be sought at a later date?

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"Our mission is to enable every voice of opposition to be heard and we SAVE OUR GREENBELT."


We have chosen not to provide a telephone number or email for you to contact as there is no one monitoring this website.


Whilst we appreciate that this may be frustrating, it is to ensure that the website has been created as a source of information and does not serve as a forum for community debate. 

Please remember to add * to your contacts to avoid missing out on updates.

Join us on mobile!

Download the Spaces by Wix app and join “SayNoToTheCemetery” to easily stay updated on the go.

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